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How much can one person sacrifice?

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Jean's Books

One of the better supernatural books out there... 

Far from being a world of sparkly vampires and brainless meat head werewolves, the supernatural creatures in this book connect not only with the characters, but also with the readers.


The Nerd Empire


Jean Booth took what could have been a typical zombie novel and turned it into something uniquely entertaining. The walking dead in this book can actually talk, think, and strategize, making them all the more frightening. I will have a hard time getting the images of disturbing scenes that involved so much blood and gore out of my head, which is exactly what I want from a horror story. Not only did I enjoy the violence, but I also found myself caring about some of these characters, which I think is important. A zombie book could be full of action and carnage, but if I don’t care about the people, there’s no point in reading it. So, I give Jean Booth credit for being able to accomplish both. Zombie War is definitely a must-read for any zombie or horror fans. It certainly won’t disappoint. I can’t wait to read more of this brilliant author’s work.

Readers' Favorite

For those looking for another take on what, and where, Atlantis truly is, look no further! Jean Booth's take on the fabled city of Atlantis is truly one to behold. And for a debut novel it is a true wonder. Jean shows that she does have a true talent of knowing how to pull readers in, giving them a feel of actually seeing events unfold right before their very eyes. Able to give such detail into the characters thoughts that readers can practically feel what they feel.

If you're looking for savage, blood thirsty vampires, this series' is not for you. If you are looking for a die hard romance complete with star-crossed lovers, betrayal, sacrifice, honor and melt your pants off sex, this IS for you.

Tiffany, GothicMoms Reviews

Brilliant! A refreshing take on zombies that's well worth the read! Forget what you know about zombies and brians, it's all about to change and you're likely to be asking for seconds. Booth's command of character is fantastic; they are alive and you can feel the fight for survival and the desperation behind every action. 


Karmin Dahl, We Love Indies Facebook Community

Jean Booth has definitely retooled the zombie tale by creating a world where hope, saving loved ones and time is essential! Her characters are believable and give the novel the 3 dimensions of humanity! I will let her zombies invade my dreams and book world again and again!


Gladys Gonzales Atwell,

Wonderful Fantasy Adult Romance

E & K Family Book Review

Zombie War

As a nurse in the genetics department, Sarah witnesses the mutation of the AIDS vaccine. Instead of a cure, the vaccine turns into a viral curse, spreading rapidly and infecting patients. Now the dead walk the earth, and Sarah is the only hope for a small group of survivors.  

Zombies aren't the only threat. Winter is on the way and supplies must be replenished. But when a new enemy reveals itself, Sarah must lead her new-found family in a fight for their lives. Will anyone survive?

Origins of the Supernaturals

Ever wonder how supernatural beings came into existence?

Were they always here? How did they gain their powers? Are they anomalies of the human race, or another race altogether? 

Delve into the Origins of the Supernaturals series to discover exactly how they came into being and why. 

Follow Natasha as she discovers supernatural secrets, herself, and exactly what a soulmate is. Only, will finding her mate be the the joy she's dreamed of, or the end of humanity?

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