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About me

Jean Booth was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on a sweltering summer night. She's spent most of her life in the midwest, alternating between Michigan, Minnesota and Florida before returning to her roots to settle down with a husband and cats. She, along with those that know her, affectionately refer to her as "The Crazy Cat Lady." She's worked in healthcare for the entirety of her adult life and was challenged in 2010 to finally start writing the stories that live in her head. When not writing, Jean enjoys cruising on the back of her motorcycle with her husband next to her. She's an avid reader, reading everything and anything fiction. She's also considered to be extremely "crafty", making everything from clothing to jewelry to painting.

Jean loves to hear from her fans, so feel free to drop her a line whenever you like!



Twitter: @JeanBooth

G+: Jean Booth


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